Container Gardening!!
Written by By Jalapeno Gal77 - Mon Apr 02, 8:13 am
Self Watering Container Gardening

There are simpler ways to garden for those in apartments, townhouses or if you have very little
yard space.  I have found earth boxes to be a Godsend and they provide very good tasting fruit.  
The cost of these is about $30.00 – $50.00 a piece.  The kit contains everything you need except
the dirt and plants.  Following the directions is very important with these earth boxes and there
are many people who have ignored them and failed in their attempts to grow edible food.  
These boxes are wonderful for porches or balconies.

If you don’t have the extra pocket cash for these, there are much simpler options.  Two 5 gallon  
food grade buckets.  I am adding two different ways to build a self watering container garden

This is the first, and best way I have found:
This is the second way, which is a bit simpler if you only want one or two buckets: