Berkey Water Filter Models
Berkey water filter systems come in several different models, all shown on this page for comparison.
Each model was engineered with a specific set of guidelines in mind. The most important factor to
consider is the number of people that the specific Berkey water filter model would be able to supply
drinking water for. A second factor is, how would you be using the filter? Would you be using the water
filter system to supply just drinking water or would the water from the Berkey also be needed for
hygiene and cooking purposes? Finally would you be using the Berkey system for everyday use or only
in emergencies? All models produce the same quality of water (purified). The difference between the
models is the amount of water that they are able to produce per hour and the size of the storage
container. Larger Berkey models also hold more filter elements, this allows the system to produce
water faster because of the higher flow rate. For help on selecting the right size Berkey model for your
The Berkey Light
The Berkey Light water filter system is an economical
alternative to the Big Berkey. It is made of food grade, see
thru poly material that  is nearly indestructible and allows
you to see the water level. It comes with an elevated base.

Holds 2.5 gallons of filtered water.

9"D x 22"H without stand, stand is 6"H
Comes in the following configurations:
# of Filters      Max # of People     Filtered Water GPH     Price

      2                       10                               3.75                 $231.00
      4                       20                               7.5                   $331.00
The Big Berkey
The Big Berkey water filter system is our most popular
and versatile model and it is ideal for home use or
during emergencies.

Holds 2.1 gallons of filtered water.

8.5"D x 20"H
Comes in the following configurations:

# of Filters          Max # of People   Filtered Water GPH      Price

            2                         8                        3.5                       $258.00
            4                         16                        7                        $358.00
The Royal Berkey
The larger Royal Berkey Water Filter system is ideal for
multiple families or larger families and groups.

Holds 3 gallons of filtered water.

9.5"D x 23"H
Comes in the following configurations:

# of Filters       Max # of People     Filtered Water GPH       Price

    2                        14                                 4                      $283.00
    4                         26                                8                      $383.00
The Travel Berkey
The Travel Berkey water filter system is our most compact
and portable model designed for small families. Ideal for
travel, outdoor activities and for use where space is
limited like motor homes or apartments.

Holds 1.5 gallons of filtered water

7.5"D x 18"H
Comes in the following configurations:

# of Filters          Max # of People        Filtered Water GPH        Price

    2                            4                                    2.75                    $228.00
The Imperial Berkey
The high output Imperial Berkey water filter system is the
ideal for use with large sized groups, multiple families,
churches and orphanages.

Holds 4.5 gallons of filtered water.

10"D x 26"H
Comes in the following configurations:

# of Filters          Max # of People      Filtered Water GPH      Price

         2                         25                           5.5                      $310.00
         4                         50                           11                       $410.00
         6                         75                           21.5                    $510.00
The Crown Berkey.....THE BIGGEST!!!
The Crown Berkey water filter system is our largest model and
is ideal for use with very large sized groups, communities,
hospitals, orphanages and emergency relief camps.

Holds 6 gallons of filtered water.

11"D x 30"H
Comes in the following configurations:

# of Filters        Max # of People       Filtered Water GPH          

    2                           35                              6.5                   $325.00

    4                           70                                13                  $425.00
     6                        110                               19.5                $525.00

     8                        150                                26                   $625.00
Sight Glass Spigot
The Berkey Sight Glass Spigot shows you at a
glance exactly how much water is in the lower
container of your Berkey water filter system. It
is a high quality commercial design with glass
tube. It comes in 3 different sizes depending
on the model.
Stainless Steel Water Filter Stand
Raise your Berkey water filter 5" with this
stainless steel stand.
Sport Berkey
The Sport berkey water bottle is
the perfect carry along companion.
22 ounces of purified drinking
water. Take water from almost any
source including rivers and lakes.
Price : 39.00
Price : 30.00
Price : 30.00
Selecting a Berkey Water Filter Model
There are a few factors to consider when choosing the best size of Berkey
water filter system for your needs:

1. How many gallons of water do you consume per day? This is an important question to ask
when choosing a Berkey filter system. According to research conducted by the USDA, the
average person (weighing 154 pounds) should consume about 1/2 gallon of water per person
per day, which is why you commonly hear about people needing to drink eight 8-ounce glasses
of water per day (that works out to 64 ounces, which is exactly 1/2 gallon). The 1/2 gallon-per-
person-per-day rule is the water you need just for drinking during normal activity periods. You
should consume more during hot weather or if you are very active or elderly.

Most of our customers find that once they start using their system, they also like to use the
filtered water for cooking. Cooking with water from your Berkey water filter basically doubles
your use, to 1 gallon per person per day. After many years of customer feedback, we have
found that this is the number that is most accurate for most of our customers: 1 gallon of water
per person per day.

2. What is the holding capacity of the Berkey filter system? The bigger the holding capacity of
the Berkey water filter system, the more reserve use you will have for peak consumption
needs. For example, imagine if you had a Travel Berkey (which holds 1.5 gallons) and while you
were cooking dinner on a hot day, your children came in the house after being outside with
their friends. Together, the children drank six 8-ounce glasses of water (0.4 gallons). You still
need to make iced tea (1 gallon), and you need water to boil pasta (1 gallon). To accomplish all
of that, you’ll need a total of 2.4 gallons of water. Your Travel Berkey only holds 1.5 gallons.
You want to make sure the holding capacity of the filter system you choose is big enough for
your peak water consumption needs.

3. What is the flow rate of the different Berkey water filter systems? The more filters your
Berkey water system has, the faster your unit will produce water and the faster it will recover
from peak or sustained water usage. The bigger systems are taller and therefore generate
more water pressure, also increasing the flow rate. The numbers shown on the Berkey water
filter comparison chart below are for when the unit is completely full. The flow rate will
decrease as the level of water in the upper chamber falls.

4. What size Berkey system would be best for my needs? After years of customer feedback and
field testing, we found that if you take the flow rate of the system and multiply that by the
holding capacity, this number is a good indicator of the maximum number of people that each
system would support under normal conditions. If you feel that your water needs are greater
than normal or if you plan on using the Berkey water filter for emergencies or anything other
than drinking and cooking, we suggest that you purchase a bigger system than indicated on
the Berkey water filter comparison chart below. All units produce the same quality of water. In
determining which Berkey water system to purchase, keep in mind that the bigger systems
produce more water and the smaller systems are more portable.

We make it easy for our customers to shop online. When you’re ready to purchase one of our
water filter systems, you can browse and buy right from our website. If you have a question
about any of our filters or systems, simply contact us using our customer service number.
Berkey Water Filter
Berkey water filters provide the ultimate in water bourne contamination removal and is used worldwide
to set the international standard for water filters used in clean or hostile filtration environments.
Owning a Berkey Water Filter gives you the ability to utilize almost any outside natural water source
and transform it to the best tasting, purest drinking water possible, all while using a natural method
without the use of chemicals or complicated processes.

The Berkey water filter system is so powerful it is classified as a purifier. This classification shows that
we far exceeds the abilities of the standard water filter. The portable Berkey can be used to filter
non-potable or unhealthy water in situations where electricity and pressure are not available. For
normal everyday water  from your faucet or for challenging environments like wells, rivers and lakes,
Berkey is the most flexible and adaptable filtering system available. Berkey water costs just 1.7 cents
per gallon to produce. The cleanable Black Berkey replacement cartridge provides an economical,
reliable and powerful long term solution to poor water quality issues that cannot be equaled. Our most
popular model, the Big Berkey has a long standing reputation for quality and service, this reputation is
the reason we are trusted around the world by numerous international relief organizations to provide
clean emergency drinking water to workers and citizens during times of crisis or natural disaster.

The Berkey Water Filter System is Revolutionary

Through diligent testing and research we have proven that Berkey water filters removed viruses to
purification standards, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites to non detectable levels and harmful
or unwanted chemicals to below detectable levels. Until these tests results were made public, words
like non detectable were seldom if ever used to describe the abilities of a water filter to remove
harmful pollutants. The filters in the Berkey not only took the industry by storm with these unheard of
benefits but also added the ability to reduce toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury without
removing the beneficial and nutritional minerals needed to support a healthy body and mind. Review
and compare the ability of the unique Berkey Water Filter to Brita, Aquasana, Pur, Katadyn or bottled
water and see for yourself what we have to offer and why we are the manufacturer that dominates the
portable water filter industry.