Personal Protection and Defensive Needs
"Threat level Weapons"
Threat Level One Weapons
* Mace
* Pocket or belt clip Knife
* Key chain Punch
* Whisle
Threat level one (1) to five (5)
Five being the highest Protection Level
Threat Level two Weapons
* Mace
* Pocket, boot or Belt clip Knife
* Key chain Punch
* Large Flashlight
Threat Level Three, Weapons
* Mace or Bear Spray
* Full tang or boot Knife
* Key chain Punch
* Belt Whip
* Belt Knife
Threat Level Four, Weapons
* Mace or Bear spray
* A full 6"to 9" Tanged Sheath or survival type Knife
* Key chain Punch
* a 22 Caliber Pistol
Threat Level Five Weapons
* 12 gauge shotgun
* 22 Caliber Rifle
* 45 Caliber Pistol
* Recording Videos at several locations inside and outside your home
* Driveway alarm
* Digital Security system with panic alarm in two common areas
* Dog, preferably a large one
We do not approve or condone any activity or having, or carrying a
weapon with out proper legal license and training. This is very important
to understand. You must seek the proper permits to purchase and get
the proper training to use them.