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Mountain House®, the #1 brand of backpacking foods has been the choice of
backpackers, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts for over 30 years.
When it comes to long-term food storage, emergency preparedness and
recreational activities like camping, hiking, backpacking and hunting, Mountain
House® is the #1 choice. That's because Mountain House® has been recognized as
the best tasting freeze dried meals. Mountain House®, is convenient, easy to
prepare and has a long shelf life.
Freeze-drying has several advantages over other food preservation methods.

Frozen foods retain fresh flavor and nutritional value, but require uniform, low temperature storage
conditions. Dehydrated and canned foods are shelf-stable, but high-temperature processing can
degrade flavor, texture and nutritional content. Freeze-drying combines the best of these processing
methods. It preserves freshness, color and aroma similar to frozen food, while providing the shelf-stable
convenience of canned or dehydrated food. Freeze-dried foods:

Taste fresh. Freeze-dried foods, like frozen, retain virtually all their fresh-food taste and nutritional
content. Freeze-drying removes the water, not the flavor.

Look fresh. Freeze-dried foods maintain their original shape and texture, unlike dehydrated foods, which
shrink and shrivel due to high-temperature processing. Freeze-drying removes water under low
temperatures (typically a maximum of 100 to 130 degrees F), which keeps intact the moisture channels
and food fibers. Just add water, and in minutes every fresh food detail returns.

Weigh less than fresh. Freeze-dried foods have 98% of their water removed. This reduces the food's
weight by about 90%. Mountain House products light weight and compact so you can carry several days
of food in a small backpack..

Stay fresh. Freeze-dried foods can be stored at room temperature, without deterioration or spoilage.
This is because freeze-drying and packaging remove both water and oxygen - the two primary causes of
food deterioration. Mountain House, backpacking products are immediately packed in a unique moisture
and oxygen-barrier packaging to preserve the food's flavor, texture, color, and nutrients. To "double"
ensure freshness and prevent the food from turning rancid, an oxygen scavenger packet is placed in
each pouch. The oxygen scavenger consists of iron oxide, which absorbs oxygen within the pouch. This
product is not harmful to your health, but is not meant to be eaten.

Almost any food, from apples to zucchini, can be freeze-dried. So can entire meals, such as omelettes,
hamburgers, or Chicken a la King. In fact, Oregon Freeze Dry has produced over 400 different foods and
The Long Life shelf Life of Mountain House Foods
Increased Shelf Life = Increased Value
We take pride in the shelf life of Mountain House freeze-dried foods. Our 40-year history of using top-
quality ingredients, the highest processing standards, and premium packaging materials allows for a
shelf life that is unmatched.
One unique advantage we have over our competitors is that our entrees (such as beef stew, rice pilaf or
prepared eggs) are freshly cooked in our facilities, benefiting both taste and shelf life. We invite you to

Our Mountain House inventory is consistently replenished in less than four months, thus ensuring a
long shelf life remains when it leaves our doors.

The rest is up to you: store food under dry, sanitary conditions, without prolonged exposure to extreme
temperatures and avoiding any environment that could cause damage to the packaging, such as
punctures, dents, or rust. Simply follow these storage tips and you will have emergency food when you
need it.

Pouches--7 Year Shelf Life *
Based on storage studies over several years, in 2006 the shelf life was increased by an impressive 40%,
from 5 years to 7 years! That’s right -- our shelf life is at least 7 years from the date of manufacture as
long as the pouch is stored unopened in a cool area. After 7 years a change in flavor and appearance
may be noticed. For best results, avoid prolonged storage at temperatures above 75° F (24° C).
*Ice cream products and Organic Fruit Snacks have a 2-year shelf life.

#10 Cans-- 25 Year Shelf Life
Packed in airtight #10 cans, Mountain House freeze-dried foods have the longest shelf life available. We
can confidently claim a 25-year shelf life, because our testing has shown the shelf life exceeds 30 years!
These independent university studies were performed on actual 20-, 25- and 30-year-old product stored
under real-world conditions, which weren’t always ideal -- not on newer product exposed to an
accelerated-time environment in a laboratory.
The interior and exterior of the cans are coated with protective enamel for double protection. Our
canning process, which is equal to military standards, uses both vacuum oxygen removal and nitrogen
flushing. Your food is protected until you are ready to enjoy it.

After opening, we recommend using the dry contents within one week for best results and taste, using
the convenient resealable plastic lid between uses.

After hydration, treat any leftover hydrated food as you would fresh food.

Prepare for the worst with the best... Mountain House®

Manufacture Date
The product manufacturing code appears on the back of Mountain House® pouches and on the bottom
of Mountain House® cans. The date in the code represents the date on which the product was
packaged. January of 2001 we are now printing BEST IF USED BY
dates on the back of each pouch.
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