The Stitch | Suture Kit

PRICE $ 75.00

Tired of using those old rusty
surgical tools your grandpa gave
you for your birthday? Now you
can do your own stitches without
having to worry about contracting a
debilitating disease with The Stitch

This specialty kit features all
stainless steel instruments and
comes fully stocked to sterilize,
sanitize, suture, and dress a wound
The Recon

PRICE $ 375.00 For the Advanced Pack

PRICE $ 250.00 for the Basic Pack

The Recon  is our medium-sized First Aid Kit
and comes fully stocked with the best
supplies available today. It's designed to
carry everything you'll need, no matter where
you are or what you're doing. Outdoors,
indoors, or no doors,
The RangeMedic

155.00 For the Advanced Pack

60.00 for the Basic Pack

The RangeMedic is the best First Aid Kit for
shooting on the planet. Whether you're going to
the range, hunting, or deployed, accidents
happen. Experts at MyMedic have designed this
kit by using range injury data, field testing with
Firearms Professionals, and advisors from the
professional medical community to protect you
from any range day mishap from minor to
catastrophic. Whether you’re hammering steel at
25 yards or reaching out to a 1000+ the Range
Medic will be there to help you... Stay Alive!
The Pandemic Medic™ MedPack™
With KN95 Mask's

PRICE $ 40.00

The Pandemic Medic™ MedPack™ is
your all-in-one Personal Protective
Equipment solution that has the PPE you
need to stay safe from the Coronavirus.

MedPacks™ was created to make First
Aid simple for you. Now you can be
confident that you're prepared with
exactly what you need, when you need
it, for any injury or activity because too
often help is further than you think. So
grab yours today and... Stay Alive!