8 Amazing Uses for Butter
Not only is butter found in your favorite meals, dishes and desserts; it’s also a great multi-
use tool for food preservation, cleaning, medical needs and more.

Check out these eight ideas on how you can use butter to help save time and money. These
ideas will help you become more self-reliant and prepared.

Keep Mold Off Cheese
Is your cheese growing moldy too quickly? Rub it in butter! Lay a thin coat of butter on semi-
hard cheese before you re-wrap it and it will help extend the shelf life of the cheese.

Foot Ache
After a long day of walking, soothing your feet is a must! Massage your feet with butter,
wrap them in a damp, hot cloth and let them sit for 10 minutes. Your feet might smell a little
like popcorn but they’ll feel great!

Removing Sap
If you’ve been out working the yard, cutting down trees, you’ll probably have sap all over
your hands and arms. Picking off this sap can take a long time, but butter can help you get it
off quickly. Rub your hands and arms with butter and the gunky black sap will wash right off
with soap and water.

Fresh Onions
Butter is a great way to keep onions fresh for longer. Many times a recipe calls for a half an
onion but you still want to keep the other half. By rubbing the cut side of the onion in butter
and wrapping the end with aluminum foil, the onion will stay fresh longer while it’s in the

Cut Sticky Items
Rubbing butter on knife blades or scissors is a great way to cut through sticky things like
figs or marshmallows. The butter will act as a lubricant and keep other things from sticking
to the blade. You can also use melted butter on spoons when you’re spreading food in a
pan. This is great for spreading Rice Krispy Treats in a pan without having them stick to the

Shoveling Snow
By rubbing your snow shovel with a thin layer of butter, the snow won’t collect on the sides.
The fats in the butter will form a water-resistant barrier that will keep snow from collecting
on your shovel and help you move quickly through the snow.

Repair Dinged Up Candles
Have you ever unpacked holiday candles and somehow they got scrapped or dinged? Rub
1/2 tsp of butter on your hands and then run your greasy hands over the candles. The
friction will remove dust and grime while the fats in the milk will bring moisture back to the
candle. This will give them a glossy sheen making them look nice.

Fishy Smell
An afternoon of fishing and cleaning can make your smell pretty strongly. By rubbing your
hands with butter and then washing with soap and water, it will get rid of that fishy smell.

Your Uses
What do you use butter for? Comment below to tell us your thoughts and give some advice
to others. Spread the word and help others become more self-sufficient.

Updated May 1, 2013